New Dosco LH1400 Roadheader

Item ID Number - 00054

Manufacturer - Dosco

Quantity - 0

Condition -New

Type -New Roadheader

Model -LH1400

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LH1400 Roadheader

Designed for development or production work, this powerful single boom machine is ideal for operating in areas of restricted height.
The LH1400 series has developed from the original LH1300H model and in-corporates greater cutting forces from a single or two speed boom assembly.
Alternative axial or transverse cutting options can be specified to suit roadheading and production operations in medium to hard strata.

OPTIONS include:
Multiple Drill Rigs - integral machine mounted units for various drilling operations.
Raised Pressure Water Systems - improved dust suppression, reduced risk of incendive sparking, increased cutter tool life.
Power Take Off - on board facilities to run auxiliary  equipment.
Operators Canopy - custom designed to suit individual application requirements.
Alternative Discharge Arrangement - fixed rear discharge or articulating conveyor.
Coanda Air Curtain - retains dust make forward of the operator position for extraction by mine ventilation systems.
Axial or Transverse Boom
Hydraulic Winch - assists with material handling. Rear mounted, left or right hand.
Gas Detection Systems
Diagnostic Control System ‚Äď monitors state of selected electrical and water functions.

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