New Dosco MD1100 Roadheader

Item ID Number - 00050

Manufacturer - Dosco

Quantity - 0

Condition -New

Type -Light / Medium Duty Roadheader

Model -MD1100

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MD1100 Light/Medium Duty Roadheader – nominally 34 tonnes, is ideal for mixed strata’s and various roadway profiles.

The MD1100 series has been developed to extend and improve the operational efficiency and reliability of medium duty roadheaders.

A logical step forward from the highly successful Mk2A, the MD1100 series incorporates the latest technology to achieve increased cutting and loading capability, improved component accessibility and reduced maintenance.

The cutting assembly of the well proven heavier duty Mk2B is utilised on the MD1100 providing increased power over the Mk2A and incorporating a lance to allow raised pressure water systems to be incorporated.

Material loading is via single centre strand chain through the machine to a fixed or articulating rear delivery section.

OPTIONS include:
• Raised Pressure Water Systems
• Alternative Discharge Arrangement
• Multiple Drill Rigs
• Axial, Transverse or Telescopic Boom
• Coanda Air Curtain
• Diagnostic Control System
• Hydraulic Winch Left Hand or Right Hand
• Operators Canopy
• Gas Detection System 

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