New Dosco MK2BP Roadheader

Item ID Number - 00051

Manufacturer - Dosco

Quantity - 0

Condition -New

Type -Roadheader

Model -MK2BP

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Mk2BP Roadheader

As a hybrid of the well proven MK2B and LH1300 series of machines with a combined fleet numbering 245 (102 Mk2B and 143 LH1300 produced to-date) the Dosco MK2BP roadheader is a medium duty, track mounted, single boom roadheading machine and has been specifically designed with an ultra low ground pressure of 1.13 kg/cm2. Capable of carrying out mechanised preparatory excavation work in extremely soft floor conditions for both mining and civil engineering applications. Such a low ground pressure will prevent the machine from sinking whilst providing excellent manoeuvrability.

The Mk 2BP incorporates the latest technology available for road-heading machinery. Designed for development or production work, this powerful two speed boom machine is ideal for operating in adverse floor conditions. This machine has been purposely designed with an ultra low ground pressure of 1.11 kg/cm². Such a low ground pressure will prevent the machine from sinking whilst still providing acceptable manoeuvrability.

High efficiency cutting including an ability to economically excavate hard rock is achieved through:
High cutting power, high arcing and lifting forces plus two speed cutter head design.
A central heavy duty articulating chain conveyor with a high delivery discharge (3.1m).

OPTIONS include:
• Operators Canopy - custom designed to suit individual application requirements.
• Gas Detection System (methane)
• Coanda Air Curtain - retains dust forward of the operators position for extraction by mine ventilation system
• Diagnostic Control System - monitors state of selected electrical & hydraulic functions
• Diesel Tramming - supplementary diesel powered traction for rapid transportation around the mine
• Air conditioned/filtered cab.

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