New Dosco MK4 Roadheader

Item ID Number - 00053

Manufacturer - Dosco

Quantity - 0

Condition -New

Type -Heavy Duty Roadheader

Model -MK4

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MK4 Roadheader

The Dosco MK4 roadheader is a heavy duty, track mounted, single boom roadheading machine designed to carry out  mechanised preparatory excavation work in both mining and civil engineering applications.

The 96 tonne machine is designed to give greater strength and power to the well proven cutting boom principle. A powerful boom assembly with high arcing and lifting forces enables the machine to cut harder strata’s in roadways up to 5,300 mm high.

The MK4 is a very successful and proven modern machine design

Options include:
• Raised Pressure Water Systems – improved dust suppression, reduced risk of incendive sparking, increased cutter tool life.
• Operators Canopy – custom designed to suit individual application requirements.
• Gas Detection System  
• Diagnostic Control System – monitors state of selected electrical and water functions.
• Coanda Air Curtain – retains dust  forward of the
operators position for extraction by mine ventilation system
• Profile Indication System and Data Logging

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